Macro Bundle

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For macro photography, we offer a special macro bundle with a high-precision slider. Due to the drive via a threaded rod, resolutions in the micrometer range are achieved.

PINE Controller

Choose between PINE R and PINE II Controller.

Macro Slider

Our Macro Slider can be easily connected to our PINE controllers and allows for focus-stacking for macro-photography.

Requires a 24V Power Supply.


Available on backorder

Motor Cable

Our professionally manufactured motor cables are used to connect our various motor units to the PINE controller.

Hirose BFM

Panoramic Ball Head – optional

Panorama ball head for full 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical adjustment of cameras and/or pan-tilt heads. Ideally suited for astro tracking with one NT axis.

In stock

Power Supply – optional

Various options to power your Black Forest Motion Kit.

Shutter Release Cable – optional

Release cable for connecting a camera to the PINE controller.