PINE Controller

What is PINE?

As the central control unit, PINE connects all motors of slider, pan/tilt and lens unit with the powerful PINE Motion App.

Each PINE can also trigger up to two cameras for automated image capturing.

PINE can control not only Black Forest Motion motor units, but also systems from other manufacturers. Our adapter cables make the switch to PINE a breeze.


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“I have used and worked with a multitude of motion control vendors and many app based systems left me frustrated. The Black Forest Motion System was the first app based motion control unit where I felt I was actually working with it, rather than wrangling it.”

Chris Field, Founder of Biolapse

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The PINE Motion App connects to all PINE controllers via Bluetooth, enabling complete operation of the motion control system via Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Once all data has been transferred from the app to the controller, the PINE runs autonomously, even if the Bluetooth connection is interrupted.

Silent Motor Operation*

Our new PINE II Controller offers nearly silent motor operation thanks to state-of-the-art driver technology. Ideal for audio-critical applications such as interviews or wildlife recordings.

*Only for PINE II Controller

Bézier-Curve Support*

Our new PRO mode supports keyframes with true Bézier curves. This enables the most complex and sophisticated motion sequences for professional applications.

*Only for PINE II Controller

Game Controller Support*

In addition to the PINE Motion app, our PINE II can also be controlled wirelessly and flexibly via a conventional PlayStation 4 game controller. No further components such as a USB dongle are necessary for this.

All joysticks and buttons can be freely assigned via the PINE Motion app. Ideal for fast programming of movements or also for real-time video recordings.

*Only for PINE II Controller

Dual Power Supply*

PINE II can be powered via the DC input as well as via the USB-C connector.

A PowerBank with USB PD (Power Delivery) technology is required to use the USB-C port

The power supply with the higher voltage is prioritized by the controller. This is ideal for changing power supplies on the fly without interrupting the operation.

*Only for PINE II Controller

Compatible with Dragonframe

PINE is compatible with the well-known stop-motion software Dragonframe for time-lapse and stop-motion animation.

The PINE controller is connected to a PC or Mac via USB.

Compatible with Third-Party Systems and ideal for DIY Projects

Using adapter cables, PINE can also be used to control a wide range of camera sliders and rotation units from other manufacturers. The transition to PINE becomes a breeze. Bring your existing motion control system to the next level – the versatile application modes of PINE will fascinate you.

PINE is also ideal for do-it-yourself projects. Save yourself the tedious development of electronics and software with PINE.

  • Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Slider
  • Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider
  • Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro Pan Tilt Head
  • Dynamic Perception Stage R Rotary System
  • Rhino Motion Slider
  • Waterbird Multi Slider
  • Cinectic Axis 360
  • Cognisys Stackshot Macro Rail
  • Cognisys Rotary Table
  • Panocatcher Maestro Head
  • MDK V5 Pan & Tilt Head
  • MDK V6 Pan & Tilt Head
  • PocketSlider PT PRO
  • PT Pan Tilt Head (PocketSlider)
  • eMotimo Turntable
  • PureMoCo Focus/Zoom Unit
  • GVM Slider
  • A&J Slider

Our PINE Controller


Operating Temperature-20ºC (-4ºF) to +45ºC (113ºF)
Storage Temperature-30ºC (-22ºF) to +60ºC (140ºF)
Humidity10% – 90% non-condensing
Connector SupplyDC Jack 2.1×5.5mm (center positive)
Connector MotorsHirose HR10A-7R-6S(73) (6 pin Female)
– mating with: HR10A-7P-6P (73)
Connector Kameras 2.5mm TRS Jack (3 pin)
Connector AUX 2.5mm TRS Jack (3 pin)
Connector USB PINE R
Micro USB

Motor TypeBipolar Stepper Motor
Number of Motors4
Max. RMS Current per ChannelPINE R
max. 1.2A

max. 2.5A
(motor current will be reduced if input current > 3.0A)
Max. Motor Speed
(Stepper Motor with 200 Steps per Revolution)
max. 3.5 Rev/s or 210 Rev/min

Silent Mode: max. 3.0 Rev/s or 180 Rev/min
Dynamic Mode: max. 3.0 Rev/s or 180 Rev/min
High-Speed Mode: max. 20 Rev/s or 1200 Rev/min
Input Voltage10-24V DC
Input PowerPINE R
max. 15W

max. 72W (at 24V and maximum motor current)
Dimensions99 mm x 77 mm / 3.9″ x 3.0″
Weightapprox. 150 g / 5.3 oz
Wireless TechnologyPINE R
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 – 2.4 GHz

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 – 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n – 2.4 GHz
Firmware Update CapableYes, via USB (with PINE Firmware Updater Utility)

USB or OTA (WiFi)

More information about our PINE Controllers can be found in the detailed user manual.