Our compact and very lightweight carbon fiber slider is available in 60 cm and 100 cm and is ideal for professional time-lapse and video shooting. The innovative motor quick release allows changing of motors in seconds and is also very helpful to operate the slider without the motor. The slider offers all around flexible mounting options via various 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads as well as milled-in Arca-Swiss profiles on all sides.


  • Super lightweight and robust carbon fiber design
  • Innovative motor quick release for easy and quick changing of motors without tools and for manual operation of the slider without motor.
  • Flexible legs to adapt the slider to any surface
  • Integrated Arca-Swiss compatible rail profiles on both sides for easy tripod mounting
  • 1/4″ screw on the base plate
  • Included travel bag


  • Weight with motor: approx. 3.0 kg
  • 60 cm / 100 cm Length
  • Overall dimensions (with legs folded):
    60 cm variant
    length – 71 cm, width – 17cm, height (without motor) – 8cm
    100 cm variant
    length – 111cm, width – 17cm, height (without motor) – 8cm.

Choosing the right motor

  • 5:1
    Good for fast slider speeds needed for real-time video movements. Vertical slider movements are only possible with low payloads up to 3 kg. Max. Speed: 5.5 cm/s
  • 14:1
    Our RECOMMENDATION. Best compromise between speed and payload. Well suited for time-lapse setups and vertical slider movements with medium to heavy payload up to 6 kg. Max. Speed: 4.0 cm/s
  • 19:1
    Good for vertical movements with heavy loads up to 10 kg. This motor has a slow maximum speed of 2.5 cm/s





Our slider can be used in many areas. Mainly it is used for recording videos, time-lapses, and livestreams. But it can also be used for 3D scans. More information about the different applications can be found here:


Multiple frames are created at a fixed time interval. If all individual images are then combined to a video, slow events can be displayed at an accelerated rate. An additional movement of the camera achieves particularly dynamic time-lapses.


Automated camera movements allow you to achieve particularly professional results for video productions of all kinds. Programmed movements can be reproduced exactly several times with our control system. This is especially interesting for visual effects.


Define multiple camera orientations that can be moved to at the touch of a button. Our live mode in combination with a multi-axis motion kit is especially suitable for video productions at live events such as music concerts.

3D Scan

Photogrammetry is a technique in which virtual 3D objects are created from several individual images of an object. All single images have to be taken from several sides of the object. With our equipment, the process of image creation is fully automated.


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This product does not include a PINE Motion Controller and motor cables. Also no motor is included. This must be ordered separately.


The following accessories are ideal for our slider: