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Video Tutorials for Pro Mode

The videos help you to better understand the functions in Pro mode and show you how you can now realize all conceivable motion sequences with the PINE II.

Pro Modus – Introduction

We will show you an overview of the Pro Mode, how it is structured and how you can operate it. You’ll also learn which shots it is particularly suitable for.

Pro Modus – Optimizing the Motion Sequences

In this video we will go into depth about the different editing options in Pro Mode. How can you work with the Beziér curves? What makes Pro Mode so special?

Pro Modus – Keyframe Presets

The complex movements can be easily saved and reloaded at a later time. It is even possible to exchange the movements between different end devices.

Pro Modus – Time-Lapse

In this video, we’ll take a closer look at recording time-lapse videos. What are the advantages of the Pro Mode compared to the Time-Lapse mode?

Pro Modus – Multi-Move / Multi-Lapse

A truly unique feature that takes your Time-Lapse footage to the next level. How can I use the time on location even more efficiently with the help of the Pro Mode and the associated Mutli-Lapse function?