All our products are modular and can be combined in different ways. Start with only one axis and expand to up to four axes at any time.

The PINE controller is the heart of any configuration and can control up to 4 motor units simultaneously. It is conveniently operated via our Smartphone App for Android and iOS or optionally via the well-known Dragonframe software.

PINE Controller

The PINE Controller series is the heart of our product range. As the central control unit, the controller connects all motors and cameras to the powerful PINE Motion App.

Pine Motion App

Our app is available for Android and iOS devices and connects to our PINE Controllers via Bluetooth. All motor units can be controlled wirelessly via the app.



Our slider is available with a length of 60 cm and 100 cm. With our selection of different motors you can choose between speed and power.

Pan / Tilt

The modular NT axes combined as a pan/tilt head are ideal for giga-pixel and 360-degree image capturing. As a single axis, they can be mounted on our slider, but can also be used for astro tracking.

Lens Unit

The lens unit can be used to control both the focus and the zoom on the lens. Two units can also be used together to control both at the same time.

Macro Slider

Our precise macro slider can be easily connected to our PINE Controllers and enables fully automatic image capturing for focus-stacking for macro photography.

Power Supply


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