How it works

For some applications, you want your camera to be pointed at different objects that might be in different locations. Using motion-controlled systems such as sliders, pan/tilt heads, and motorized focus and zoom units, you can use the PINE controller to store multiple viewing perspectives (called scenes) and then spontaneously change the camera’s angle of view with the touch of a button.

Ideal for filming live events such as music concerts or shows.

App Preview

Products for the Live Mode

Live mode requires our PINE II, our slider and at least one axis. With the ball head, the camera can be better aligned to the object. If you don’t have any products from Black Forest Motion yet, we recommend a bundle.

More Applications


For professional product shots, it is useful to have objects rotate on a turntable. This is very easy with one of our rotation axes and an additional turntable disk. Alternatively, 360-degree product photos can be created for marketing and online stores.


Multiple frames are created at a fixed time interval. If all individual images are then combined to a video, slow events can be displayed at an accelerated rate. An additional movement of the camera achieves particularly dynamic time-lapses.


Automated camera movements allow you to achieve particularly professional results for video productions of all kinds. Programmed movements can be reproduced exactly several times with our control system. This is especially interesting for visual effects.