You want to use our PINE Controller with motors or sliders from other manufacturers? – No problem. Our PINE Controllers use drivers that are compatible with all common stepper motors.

Bring your existing motion control system to the next level. The versatile application modes of the PINE will impress you.

Most sliders, pan/tilt heads or more generally described, motion control, are operated with stepper motors. These are then directly compatible. Only the connectors and the pinout of the connectors must be checked. Our adapter cables make the change to the PINE a breeze.

PINE is also ideal for DIY projects which use stepper motors. Save yourself the tedious development of electronics and software with PINE.

The following systems are compatible and have been tested:

  • Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Slider
  • Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider
  • Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro Pan Tilt Head
  • Dynamic Perception Stage R Rotary System
  • Rhino Motion Slider
  • Waterbird Multi Slider
  • Cinectic Axis 360
  • Cognisys Stackshot Macro Rail
  • Cognisys Rotary Table
  • Panocatcher Maestro Head
  • MDK V5 Pan & Tilt Head
  • MDK V6 Pan & Tilt Head
  • PocketSlider PT PRO
  • PT Pan Tilt Head (PocketSlider)
  • eMotimo Turntable
  • PureMoCo Focus/Zoom Unit
  • GVM Slider
  • A&J Slider

Your camera slider or motor unit is not listed? Contact us and we will check the compatibility.

Find suitable adapter cables

Motor / ManufacturerConnector
Black Forest MotionHirose BFM
Dynamic Perception ProDynamic Perception Chogori
Dynamic Perception StandardDynamic Perception JST
Rhino RJ45 Rhino
NEMA 17 MotorJST PHR-6
DIYOpen End

No suitable adapter cable found?

If no suitable adapter cable can be found, there is also the possibility to convert your NEMA17 motors to our high quality connectors. For this purpose we offer a cover with a Hirose receptacle that fits on a NEMA17 stepper motor. With our standard motor cables the motor can then be connected directly to the PINE controller.

The required pinouts can be found here:

We can also convert your motors. Please contact us in this case.

Any Questions?

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