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Various options to power your Black Forest Motion Kit.


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There are basically several ways to supply power to the PINE Controller. All connected motors are supplied with power directly via the PINE controller. So only one power source is necessary. This can be either a power bank or a power supply unit.

Our PINE Controllers have a common DC socket with the dimensions 2.1×5.5mm (center positive) and work with an operating voltage of 10-24V. The powerbank we offer has a DC output. With the included cable, the PINE controller can then be operated directly. For studio applications we also offer a power supply.

Due to shipping restrictions of batteries, we are only allowed to send powerbanks to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. However, we offer the QCP stick for international shipments. With this stick it is possible to use the PINE Controller with ordinary powerbanks (which use the Quick Charge 3.0 standard). The QCP stick generates a voltage of 12V to power our PINE Controller.

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Power Supply

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