Introducing PINE II

PINE II expands our motion controller series and builds on the success of our PINE R controller. With its powerful motor drivers, PINE II can flexibly control not only motor units from Black Forest Motion, but also units from third-party manufacturers. Thanks to modern driver technology, PINE II finally enables nearly silent motor operations.

With the introduction of the PRO Mode to the PINE Motion app, advanced motor movements are possible with full Bezier curve support.

We present: NT Mini


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Our hardware as well as software components are designed so flexibly that they can be used for many different applications.


Multiple frames are created at a fixed time interval. If all individual images are then combined to a video, slow events can be displayed at an accelerated rate. An additional movement of the camera achieves particularly dynamic time-lapses.


Automated camera movements allow you to achieve particularly professional results for video productions of all kinds. Programmed movements can be reproduced exactly several times with our control system. This is especially interesting for visual effects.


Many individual images are created automatically in the form of mosaics with a pan/tilt head. Combining (stitching) all images creates high-resolution giga-pixel images with enormous detail. Zoom into the image without losing resolution.


For 360-degree images, the camera is rotated and panned fully automatically in all directions in the perspective center while several individual images are created. By stitching the images together, interactive 360-degree images are created that capture everything around you.

3D Scan

Photogrammetry is a technique in which virtual 3D objects are created from several individual images of an object. All single images have to be taken from several sides of the object. With our equipment, the process of image creation is fully automated.


The automatic tracking of the camera via a motorized rotation unit can compensate for the earth's rotation to obtain super sharp images of the night sky even with exposure times of several minutes.


Define multiple camera orientations that can be moved to at the touch of a button. Our live mode in combination with a multi-axis motion kit is especially suitable for video productions at live events such as music concerts.


For professional product shots, it is useful to have objects rotate on a turntable. This is very easy with one of our rotation axes and an additional turntable disk. Alternatively, 360-degree product photos can be created for marketing and online stores.


With our high-precision macro slider and our PINE Controller, several macro images of a very small object can be created fully automatically. The slider moves in small steps towards the object. By focus-stacking (overlazing of the single images) images with enormous depth of field are created.


All our products are modular and can be combined in different ways. Start with only one axis and expand to up to four axes at any time.

PINE Controller

The PINE Controller series is the heart of our product range. As the central control unit, the controller connects all motors and cameras to the powerful PINE Motion App.

Pine Motion App

Our app is available for Android and iOS devices and connects to our PINE Controllers via Bluetooth. All motor units can be controlled wirelessly via the app.


Our slider is available with a length of 60 cm and 100 cm. With our selection of different motors you can choose between speed and power.

Pan / Tilt

The modular NT axes combined as a pan/tilt head are ideal for giga-pixel and 360-degree image capturing. As a single axis, they can be mounted on our slider, but can also be used for astro tracking.

Lens Unit

The lens unit can be used to control both the focus and the zoom on the lens. Two units can also be used together to control both at the same time.

Macro Slider

Our precise macro slider can be easily connected to our PINE Controllers and enables fully automatic image capturing for focus-stacking for macro photography.


Basic Bundle

Our Basic Bundle is perfect for your introduction to motion control. The side-to-side movement of the camera gives your time-lapse an enormous spatial effect. You can add more axes at any time.

Pro Bundle

If you want to start right from the beginning with three axes, you can do this with our Pro bundle. Besides the slider, a pan and tilt axis is also included.

Pan Tilt Bundle

The Pan Tilt Bundle is especially suitable for capturing 360-degree or giga-pixel images. The two NT axes can be combined with a nodal point adapter for proper camera alignment.

Macro Bundle

For macro photography, we offer a special macro bundle with a high-precision slider. Due to the drive via a threaded rod, resolutions in the micrometer range are achieved.


With our carrying case your Black Forest Motion equipment is perfectly protected. With optional accessories, the case can also be worn as a backpack.

Power your PINE controller with any powerbank that supports Quick Charge 3 with the QCP – Stick 12V. Or use the QCCP – Stick to supply your camera via the powerbank as well.

About us

Black Forest Motion was founded in 2018 after a successfu Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for our PINE Motion Controller. We thank all our backers who made this possible for us.

We develop flexible and modular motion control products ranging from motorized sliders to pan and tilt heads to camera lens controls. We are located in the heart of the Black Forest in Southern Germany – hence the name “Black Forest Motion”.

Quality made in Germany All our products are developed and manufactured right here at our headquarters in the Black Forest.


Gunther Wegner

Professional time-lapse photographer and developer of LRTimelapse software

“The most thoughtful, modular, and flexible Motion Control System that I know! I’m super happy with the entire system from Black Forest Motion.”

Laurenc Riese

Time-Lapse Photographer

“I can recommend the PINE Controller to everyone who wants to start with motion control or is already an advanced user. The guys did a great job!”

Enrico Righetti

Time-Lapse Photographer

“The system turns out to be an extremely professional and flexible product, allowing it to be used in many situations thanks to the wide range of modes and the possibility of expanding it.”

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