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PINE Motion Controller

A Universal and Wireless Controller for Motion Control Photography & Videography.

Create automated camera movements, panoramic Giga-pixel and 360° photo sphere photographs, motion controlled time-lapse, and more with PINE.


PINE brings motion to your motorized sliders, pan & tilt heads, focus and zoom units, turntables, or basically anything that is driven by stepper motors. The controller adapts to YOUR system and is therefore the perfect solution for current users, DIY creators, and beginners with motion control.

The controller triggers various camera models like Canon, Sony, Nikon, and more.


Taking motion control to the next level. Connect multiple PINE controllers wirelessly and create a multi-axis motion control application with unlimited number of motors.

The only limitation is your imagination!

Smartphone Control

The most comfortable way to control your system. Just use your smartphone or tablet and the PINE Motion App will give you access to the vast features of the PINE Controller.

Available for Android and iOS devices.

One of the most famous modes for motion control extended with multi-keyframe and stop motion capabilities.

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A famous mode found in many other controllers that we further developed for advanced multi-keyframe moves with unlimited number of keyframes.
Create professional camera movements.

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A rare mode found among other controllers. PINE will create stunning panoramic Giga-Pixel photographs for you.

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Always have the right target in view (and focus). Perfect for scenes with multiple objects of importance. Simply switch between multiple targets with one touch.

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A complex mode never seen in a controller before. This mode will capture complete 360 degree pictures so you won’t miss anything around you. Works for single pictures and even Time-Lapse videos.

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Create virtual 3D models of objects with the 3D-Scan mode – only possible with the PINE controller.

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Reach for the stars with PINE’s tracking capabilities for the sharpest astro photographs. Track stars, the moon, or the sun.

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Let it spin with turntable mode and create simple but professional product presentations.

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Experience the most advanced and accurate Intervalometer on the market. Trigger multiple cameras simultaneously…add delays between cameras…unleash your creativity!

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Pine Motion App

Beautifully Powerful

Your smart control center for the PINE Controller which gives you the power and freedom you need. We designed the PINE Motion App in a way that makes controlling multiple axis a breeze.

Easy to use and detail oriented – the PINE Motion App will fascinate you!

iOS App available soon.

Setup Assistant
Our Motor Quick-Setup Assistant makes it ease and fast to have the right motor settings and guides you through the process of adapting PINE to your system.

Adjust each motor to YOUR system. Choose among existing motor profiles or create your own profiles and adjust gear-ratio, motor output current, limit positions, and more.

Adaptive Screen Layout
Control each connected motor directly from one single screen through a horizontal scroll page.

No Limitations
Set as many Key-Frames as you need and create the most complex camera movements.

Motion Graphs
Shows Position, Velocity, and Acceleration curves for Video and Time-Lapse moves.

High Quality Connectors

High performance Hirose HR10 connectors will reliably deliver power to your motors.
The integrated push-pull locking mechanism will secure your connections at any time.


The first motion controller with multi-tasking capabilities. Have multiple independent modes running at the same time! Especially useful for Intervalometer mode in combination with any other mode.

Automatic Motor Detection

PINE knows how many motors you have connected and only shows those in the PINE Motion App – No more guesswork!


Operating Temperature -20ºC (-4ºF) to +60ºC (140ºF)
Storage Temperature -30ºC (-22ºF) to +85ºC (185ºF)
Humidity 10% – 90% non-condensing
Connectors Power – DC Barrel Jack 2.1×5.5mm (center positive)
USB – Micro USB B
Motors – 4 x Hirose HR10A-7R-6S(73) (6 pin Female) (mating with: HR10A-7P-6P (73) )
Cameras – 2 x 2.5mm TRS Jack (3 pin connector)
Auxiliary – 1 x 2.5mm TRS Jack (3 pin connector)
Expansion Ports – 2 x RJ11 (6 pin)
Limit Switch Compatible Yes, mechanic switch for each motor (pin 5 and 6 on HR10 connectors)
Motor Type Bipolar Stepper Motor (max. 1.5A)
Number of Axis 4 per Controller / Unlimited with Expansion
Expansion Daisy-Chain
(Wireless over Bluetooth or with RJ11 6P6C cables)
Power Input 8-24V DC
Dimensions 3.9″ x 3.0″ / 99 mm x 77 mm
Weight approx. 150 g / 5.3 oz
App Compatibility Android 4.3 or later
iPhone 5 and up / iOS 9.0 or later
Wireless Range 100-300 ft (30-100 m) – Controller to Smartphone and Controller to Controller
(max. values under ideal conditions such as line of sight)
Wireless Technology Standard Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 (2.4 – 2.48 GHz)
CPU ARM Cortex
Firmware Update Ready Yes, per micro USB (with PINE Firmware Updater Utility)