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PINE Motion App

Get the PINE Motion App directly from the Google Play and App Store.
This App allows you to remotely control the PINE Motion Controller.
Try out our integrated DEMO Mode which allows you to explorer the app without being connected to an actual controller (not available on iOS)

Click on the Google / App Store Icon to download the app.

Firmware Update Guide

Download Update Guide

Before you start with the process of updating your controller to the newest firmware, please download and read our Update Guide that will help you with the steps to take.

Important to keep in mind is that the PINE Controller is completely unfunctional once it is in Firmware Update Mode (after resetting it through the App). Only after a new firmware has been loaded onto the controller, it will boot up again.

Please only reset PINE through the App if you really need to update the firmware.

PINE Firmware Updater Utility

Download Firmware Updater for Windows

With this tool, you can update the firmware of the PINE Controller.

Choose to update the controller with the newest firmware that is directly stored on our server, or download the firmware files below and load them onto the controller.

Download USB Driver – Window x64 (64-bit) installer
Download USB Driver – Windows x86 (32-bit) installer

The updater is currently available for Windows only.
If you are using Windows 10, you should have no problems with the update process.
For older Windows PCs, you might need additional USB drivers so that the updater utility detects the PINE controller. You can download the appropriate driver here.

Available Firmware Files

Always make sure you have the newest firmware installed on your PINE Controller to get access to new features and a better overall user experience.

Only install the Pre-Production versions if you purchased our early Pre-Production units over our Kickstarter campaign.
Only install the PINE LITE versions if you have a 2-axes PINE LITE Controller.

Version 1.0

V1.0 for Pre-Production

Release Date: 07/16/2018
Initial Firmware Release

Version 1.1

V1.1 for Pre-Production

Release Date: 08/27/2018
V1.1 brings minor improvements mostly related to the 3D-Scan mode.
– Optimized motor movements (slider getting stuck in rare cases due to too high speeds has been eliminated)
– Added reverse scan feature. With the new app release, this feature allows for scans in reversed direction once a scan has been finished. This makes the workflow significantly faster.

Version 1.2

V1.2 (low current)
V1.2 for Pre-Production
V1.2 for PINE LITE

Release Date: 10/02/2018
V1.2 brings improvements to the 360-degree mode (please make sure to download the newest app releases).
– A newly developed movement algorithm will reduce the total time needed for one 360-degree sphere.
– Option to set 2 Nadir pictures. Those 2 images will be rotated by 45 degrees to each other and allow for easier masking-out of the tripod and pan/tilt head.

We added an optional firmware file for lower default currents. Use this firmware if you are using PINE with motors smaller than NEMA17 which require less current. Default current will be set to 0.2A after power-on of the controller. You can set higher currents at any time via the app.

For PINE LITE users, only use the firmware dedicated for the LITE version of the controller.