The Tilt Motor cannot lift/move my camera

You can try setting a higher motor current for the tilt axis. You can go up to 1.2A under the Motor Settings section of the PINE Motion App.

Also, make sure to have your camera mounted to the Tilt axis so it is balanced and the weight on either side of the axis is roughly the same. Especially when using a heavy lens, a balanced setup is crucial and important. Otherwise you can damage the motor units.

In same cases, it can be possible that you need to recalibrate the motor units. You will find instructions for this in the NT Head user manual in our support section. There are 2 test you can do to find out if you need to recalibrate the motors: 1) Units have a lot of play -> needs calibration 2) When you rotate the knurl screws, the stepper motor rotates heavy at some locations and lighter on other locations -> needs calibration

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