Astro Bundle

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For a start into astrophotography we offer our Astro Bundle. It contains all necessary components to compensate the rotation of the earth for long time photography of celestial bodies.

PINE Controller

Choose between PINE R and PINE II Controller.

NT Single Axis

The modular NT rotation units can be used flexibly either as a pan axis on the slider, as a turntable motor, for astro tracking, or in combination with a second axis as a complete pan/tilt head.

Choose the optional connection kit if you already have an NT axis and want to upgrade it with a second axis to a complete pan/tilt head.

Motor Cable

Our professionally manufactured motor cables are used to connect our various motor units to the PINE controller.

Hirose BFM

Panoramic Ball Head

Panorama ball head for full 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical adjustment of cameras and/or pan-tilt heads. Ideally suited for astro tracking with one NT axis.


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Astro Finder

The Astro Finder helps you align the NT Axis for Astro mode easier and faster.


This is a pre-order! Delivery is expected at the end of February!

Power Supply – optional

Various options to power your Black Forest Motion Kit.

Shutter Release Cable – optional

Release cable for connecting a camera to the PINE controller.