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Our PINE Controllers offer a variety of different application modes. Each application is directly controlled via the PINE Motion App on your smartphone. Learn more about each individual mode below.


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Whether simple 2-point moves, or multi-keyframe moves, PINE allows you to create stunning and advanced time-lapse videos captured in a shoot-move-shoot sequence.

Video Recording

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PINE’s multi-keyframe capabilities make programmable camera movements a breeze and allow for the most complex moves. This mode finds use in the movie and film making business, live-production filming, and visual effects video production.


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Giga-Pixel Panoramas – The art of combining multiple single images to a high-resolution panorama. Now possible with your DSLR or mirror-less camera and PINE in a fully automated process.


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Create stunning interactive 360-Degree Images that will capture everything around you. With your DSLR or mirror-less camera, PINE will automatically capture images to all directions, which you can then stitch to an interactive 360-Sphere image.

3D Scans

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Automate your photogrammetry workflow for 3D model scanning with a three-axis setup. PINE will not only save you a lot of time in scanning objects, but will also give you never-before-seen results in terms of accuracy and resolution. PINE will trigger your camera, then rotate your object a few degrees, then another picture is taken, and so on until you have images from every angle imaginable.

Astro Tracking

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Create the sharpest Astro-Photographs with PINE’s Astro Mode. PINE will compensate earth’s rotation – allowing you to create long exposure shots of the night sky. Track stars, the moon, or the sun.