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PINE will capture complete 360 degree photo-spheres and even 360 degree time-lapse videos.

How does it work?

360-Degree images or also called photo-spheres are panorama images which span a 360 degree view horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Everything around you will be captured on the image. So called “Little Planet” images can also be created using this technique.

With PINE and a motorized pan & tilt head, you can use a DSLR or mirror-less camera to create professional and interactive 360-Degree images.

PINE will create a series of individual images starting with an image pointing upwards to the sky and ending with an image pointing down to the ground while capturing intermediate images to all directions.

360° Mode Features

Set Rows & Columns – Specify the amount of single pictures for one 360 degree image by specifying the number of rows and how many horizontal pictures per row should be taken.

XML-File Generator – You can generate Papywizard XML Files pertaining to your 360-Degree Sphere settings right from the PINE Motion App. Save the files directly on your phone or share the files per Email, Dropbox, iCloud, or similar sharing applications on your phone. You can import those XML files into a stitching software to make alignment of the images a breeze.

Sphere Calculator – will help you set the right amount of rows and columns for each 360-Sphere based on your cameras sensor size, focal length, orientation, and desired image overlap.

Easy Setup – Starting a recording is as easy as it can get. There is no need to even set Keyframes. Simply define your needed amount of rows and columns, move your camera so it is pointing upwards to the sky (Zenith image) and press PLAY. PINE will automatically capture all images for you around the full sphere.

360° Time-Lapse – An advanced application which combines the 360 degree mode and the time-lapse mode. Multiple 360 degree images are taken one after another which can be combined to a time-lapse video sequence. For this mode feature you can use additional axis like a sliders in addition to the pan & tilt head.

App Preview

Control motors, adjust settings and generate XML Files right from one screen.

The Sphere Calculator will help you set the required amount of rows and columns

Intuitive user interface to set the amount of images for each row

See the current progress of your recording