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NEMA17 Stepper Motor

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NEMA17 sized Stepper Motor as motor upgrades for our Sliders or for DIY projects.

Choose between different gear-ratios. With higher gear-ratios, load capacity becomes higher, while max. speed decreases.


  • Planetary Gearbox with ratios 5:1, 14:1, and 19:1
  • NEMA17 – 42x42mm Size
  • High-Torque Version
  • Nominal Current: 1.68A
  • With high quality motor connector (directly compatible with our Hirose cables to be connected to our PINE Controllers)
  • Black Forest Motion Slider compatible (connects to motor quick-release system)

Choosing a suitable Gear-Ratio:

  • 5:1 – Good for fast slider speeds needed for real-time video moves. Vertical slider moves are only possible with light payloads. Max. Speed: 5.5cm/s
  • 14:1 – Best compromise between speed and payload. Good for time-lapse setups and vertical slider moves with medium to heavy payloads. Max. Speed: 4.0cm/s
  • 19:1 – Good for vertical slider moves with heavy loads. This motor has a slow maximum speed. Max. Speed: 3.0cm/s

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5:1, 14:1, 19:1