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Create stunning high-resolution panoramic Giga-Pixel photographs.

How does it work?

Giga-Pixel images are by definition images composed of a billion pixels. Such images contain enormous amounts of detail and are created from multiple single images (called mosaics), which were combined to one single Giga-Pixel image.

PINE will create these single images for you! All you need is a motorized Pan & Tilt Head like our Nic-O-Tilt or PT Head and a camera.
Simply set the start position and end position of the Giga-Pixel, tell PINE your camera settings like focal length and orientation, and you are ready to go. What you get are mosaics of a high-resolution image – arranged in a matrix (rows & columns), ready for you to combine to a Giga-Pixel image in post-processing.


Click on the images to use the zoom function and see the amazing details of a Giga-Pixel Image.

Giga-Pixel Mode Features

Easy Setup – Just set your camera’s focal length, sensor size, and amount of image overlap and PINE will automatically calculate the right amount of images. The viewport is defined by setting 2 keyframes for the upper left and lower right corner.

XML-File Generator – You can generate Papywizard XML Files pertaining to your Giga-Pixel settings right from the PINE Motion App. Save the files directly on your phone or share the files per Email, Dropbox, iCloud, or similar sharing applications on your phone. You can import those XML files into a stitching software to make alignment of the images a breeze.

Right-Left-Right Traversal – is the most common way of capturing the mosaics. Our motion controller will take images row after row.

Diagonal Traversal – is a never-before-seen capturing method we developed for this mode. Mosaics are captured in a diagonal fashion beginning from the upper left to the lower right hand corner. The advantage of this method is that mosaics that lay close together are captured within a smaller time-frame compared to the Right-Left-Right traversal – resulting in a better images quality for scenes with a lot of motion.


App Preview

Control Motors and set Keyframes all from one screen. Adjust Settings and generate XML Files.

PINE will determine the required amount of images based on Sensor Size, Focal Length, Camera Orientation, and desired Image Overlap

Start, Stop, and Pause the recording anytime over the Controls Panel

See a graphical view of your Giga-Pixel Panorama