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Video Mode


Create programmable multi-keyframe camera movements with unlimited number of keyframes.

This mode finds use in the movie and film making business, live-production filming, and special effects video production.

How does it work?

The user can set as many keyframes as needed with specified time frame between the keyframes. PINE will move its’ connected motors along the programmed path in a smooth and continuous motion, allowing the film maker to create flawless and repeatable camera movements.

Video Mode Features

Keyframing – Most motion controllers are limited to a start and ending keyframe. With PINE, you can set as many keyframes as you like and create some unique and advanced movements. Everything is controlled over the PINE Motion app via an intuitive user-interface.

Loop Mode – will result in a repeated back and forth movement between the keyframes which is perfect for filming interviews or similar events.

Stop Motion Capability – allows you to move from keyframe to keyframe for even more flexibility.

Use-Case Explanation

As seen on the top of this page, PINE’s Video Mode can be used for special effects video production – showing the same person in one scene twice, while maintaining a smooth camera movement (linear slider motion and focus tracking). The two scenes were filmed independently with the same programmed camera movement and then merged to a single video.

App Preview

Intuitive User Interface – Easily control your motors and set Keyframes from the same screen

Easily EDIT Keyframes

Beautiful Motion Graphs

See the progress of your recording. Enable or disable Loop Mode at any time.

Live Recording Mode


The perfect mode if you want to film events with multiple objects of importance.

Great for filming live events like music concerts or shows.

How does it work?

For some applications you want to have your camera pointed at different objects which could be located all over the place. With the help of motion controlled systems like sliders, pan & tilt heads, and motorized focus & zoom units, you can save multiple view perspectives (called scenes) with the PINE controller and then switch your camera viewpoint on the fly with a touch of a button.

Live Mode Features

Naming Scenes – Give each saved scene a name in oder to help you remember which scene points to which object/location.

Background Images – Even more helpful to visualize where the saved scenes are pointing at. Take a picture with your smartphone camera or choose an existing one from your gallery.

Move Speeds – Specify for each scene how fast the move to the new perspective will happen.

App Preview

Control all of your motor axes and set specific scene positions.

Link images to your scene positions.

Rename scene positions, set movement speeds, and set scene pictures in the settings.