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Some time ago I found the Kickstarter project “Pine Worlds most flexible motion controller”, the idea of a new motion controller for recording time laps was very promising. Behind the project are Patrick Ketterer and Moritz Huber, who have already founded the company Black Forest Motion GmbH based in Germany from the Kickstarter project. The original…

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PINE: A Universal Motion Controller – Widely Compatible With Existing Devices

As motion control systems for small cameras have proliferated, that industry has still not achieved widespread cross-compatibility, a quality which may free users to further exercise their own judgment and creativity, but which undeniably presents challenges. PINE looks to change this, and it’s a project aimed in a fascinating direction…

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PINE is a universal wireless motion controller aimed at DIY maker photographers

Motion control has so many applications for both photographers as well as filmmakers. From creating 360° stitched stills with your DSLR to moving timelapse and video sequences. There are a lot of complete solutions out there for this, and there are also many plans out there for completely scratch built DIY projects. But there’s very little that sits in between. PINE aims to change that….

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Motion Controller Flexes Its Capabilities

Getting that smooth shot with a DSLR and just your hands is super difficult. So you picked up a slider. It’s still shaky and irregular. So you picked up a motor. Eh, we’re getting better, but we need more control. Let me introduce you to the next generation of flexible motion controlled photography and videography in a little box called PINE…

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PINE Flexible Camera Motion Controller

Black Forest Motion has created a new flexible camera motion controller called the PINE. Which has been specifically developed to bring easy motion to your camera and create automated camera movements, panoramas, time-lapse, 3D photogrammetry scans and more…

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