Slider + PINE R (1-Axis Bundle)

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1-Axis Motion Control Bundle with PINE R Controller and Carbon Fiber Slider

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This bundle comes with our new optimized PINE R Controller and the light-weight carbon fiber slider.

Our brand new compact 60cm and 100cm carbon fiber slider is designed by Nico Engel and manufactured by Black Forest Motion.

A simple but light-weight design with innovative motor quick-release. An optional extension kit will be available shortly and can be obtained as an upgrade kit for this slider.

Perfect for professional Time-Lapse and Video recordings together with our PINE Motion Controllers.

This bundle includes:

  • BFM Carbon Fiber Slider (60cm or 100cm)
  • Stepper motor (different gear-ratios available)
  • Transport Bag for Slider
  • PINE R Motion Controller
  • 1x Motor Cable
  • Optional Controller Mounting Bracket
  • Optional Leveling Ball Head

Slider Features:

  • Super light-weight carbon fiber design
  • 60cm/100cm slider length with extension kit available soon
  • Weight with Motor: approximately 3.0kg
  • Total Dimensions (with folded legs): Length – 71cm (60cm version) / 111cm (100cm version), Width – 17cm, Height (without motor) – 8cm
  • Compatible with our NEMA17 stepper motors – Choose from different gear ratios
  • Innovative motor quick-release allows to operate the slider manually without motor and makes switching motors easy and fast
  • Flexible legs to adapt the slider to any surface
  • Integrated Arca-Swiss compatible rail profile on both sides for easy tripod mounting
  • 1/4″ screw on the base plate
  • Included traveling bag

Choosing a suitable Motor Gear Ratio:

  • 5:1 – Good for fast slider speeds needed for real-time video moves. Vertical slider moves are only possible with light payloads. Max. Speed: 5.5cm/s
  • 14:1 – Best compromise between speed and payload. Good for time-lapse setups and vertical slider moves with medium to heavy payloads. Max. Speed: 4.0cm/s
  • 19:1 – Good for vertical slider moves with heavy loads. This motor has a slow maximum speed. Max. Speed: 3.0cm/s

A power supply for the Controller needs to be purchased separately. We recommend the following power banks (available e.g. on Amazon):

  • XTPower MP-10000
  • XTPower MP-16000
  • XTPower MP-20000

Smartphone App Compatibility:

PINE is controlled over the PINE Motion App which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Slider Length

60cm, 100cm

Motor Gear-Ratio

5:1, 14:1, 19:1

Ball Head

with, without

Controller Mounting Bracket

with, without


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