Slider + NT Head + Lens Unit + PINE R (4-Axis Bundle)

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Ultimate 4-Axis Motion Control Bundle

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This is the ultimate 4-axis bundle and comes with our new optimized PINE R Controller, the light-weight carbon fiber slider, the full NT Head, and the lens motor unit.

Our brand new compact 60cm and 100cm carbon fiber slider, the NT Head, and the lens motor unit are designed by Nico Engel and manufactured by Black Forest Motion.

Perfect for professional Time-Lapse and Video recordings together with our PINE Motion Controllers. The NT Head can be used together with the slider or standalone for Time-Lapse, Giga-Pixel, and 360-Degree Photography.

This bundle includes:

  • BFM Carbon Fiber Slider (60cm or 100cm)
  • Stepper motor (different gear-ratios available)
  • NT Head (Pan and Tilt with additional connection rails as shown)
  • Includes the Mounting Plate to attach the PINE Controller to the NT Head or the optional Controller Mounting Bracket
  • Lens motor unit
  • 15mm mounting rod for lens motor
  • Universal lens gear belt for lens motor
  • PINE R Motion Controller
  • Transport Bag for Slider
  • 4x Motor Cable
  • Optional Controller Mounting Bracket
  • Optional Leveling Ball Head

Slider Features:

  • Super light-weight carbon fiber design
  • 60cm/100cm slider length with extension kit available soon
  • Weight with Motor: approximately 3.0kg
  • Total Dimensions (with folded legs): Length – 71cm (60cm version) / 111cm (100cm version), Width – 17cm, Height (without motor) – 8cm
  • Compatible with our NEMA17 stepper motors – Choose from different gear ratios
  • Innovative motor quick-release allows to operate the slider manually without motor and makes switching motors easy and fast
  • Flexible legs to adapt the slider to any surface
  • Integrated Arca-Swiss compatible rail profile on both sides for easy tripod mounting
  • 1/4″ screw on the base plate
  • Included traveling bag

NT Head Features:

  • Ultra precise worm gear system (1:32 gear ratio)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible rail profile integrated into the body for perfect mounting flexibility
  • Multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 thread
  • Integrated water bubble spirit levels
  • Arca-Swiss Rails included to combine Pan and Tilt axes
  • Knurl screw for manual motor rotations without controller (for adjustment, calibration, or storing position)
  • High quality motor connectors (directly compatible with our motor cables to be connected to the PINE Controllers)
  • Weight: approx. 2.1kg
  • Precision when used with PINE: 0.001758 degrees per step

Lens Motor Features:

  • 0.8 module gear wheel to adapt to a lens gear belt
  • Precise and strong 1:20 worm gear inside
  • Ultra compact and light-weight – 10 x 4 x 2.5 cm (Length – Width – Height) at 200g
  • Integrated 15mm rod clamp with wingnut
  • High-quality motor connector (directly compatible with our motor cables to be connected to the PINE Controllers)

Choosing a suitable Slider Motor Gear Ratio:

  • 5:1 – Good for fast slider speeds needed for real-time video moves. Vertical slider moves are only possible with light payloads. Max. Speed: 5.5cm/s
  • 14:1 – Best compromise between speed and payload. Good for time-lapse setups and vertical slider moves with medium to heavy payloads. Max. Speed: 4.0cm/s
  • 19:1 – Good for vertical slider moves with heavy loads. This motor has a slow maximum speed. Max. Speed: 3.0cm/s

A power supply needs to be purchased separately. We recommend the following power banks (available e.g. on Amazon):

  • XTPower MP-10000
  • XTPower MP-16000
  • XTPower MP-20000

Smartphone App Compatibility
>> PINE R is controlled over the PINE Motion App which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Slider Length

60cm, 100cm

Motor Gear-Ratio

5:1, 14:1, 19:1

Ball Head

with, without

Controller Mounting Bracket

with, without


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