PINE + Nic-O-Tilt + PocketSlider Bundle

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3-Axes Motion Control Bundle

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Light-weight motorized 3-Axis system for motion control applications (Slide/Pan/Tilt).

This bundle includes:

  • PocketSlider (80cm/100cm) with Stepper Motor (different gear-ratios)
  • FlyWheel (for use without motor)
  • Nic-O-Tilt Head (Pan and Tilt)
  • Mounting Plate for Controller
  • Transport Bag for Slider
  • PINE Motion Controller
  • 3x Motor Cable

The slider’s stepper motor and the Pan/Tilt head contain the similar high quality Hirose connector as used on our PINE controller. This makes all motor cables interchangeable.

A power supply needs to be purchased separately. We recommend the following power banks (available e.g. on Amazon):

  • XTPower MP-10000
  • XTPower MP-16000
  • XTPower MP-20000

Smartphone App Compatibility
>> PINE is controlled over the PINE Motion App which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Slider Length

80cm, 100cm

Motor Gear-Ratio

5:1, 14:1, 19:1, 27:1


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