• Stepper Motor

    Our NEMA17 Stepper Motors attach to our carbon-fiber slider and come in 3 different gear rations which gives you the best flexibility to choose between fast speeds and high payload.
    • 5:1 – Good for fast slider speeds needed for real-time video moves. Vertical slider moves are only possible with light payloads. Max. Speed: 5.5cm/s
    • 14:1 – RECOMMENDED. Best compromise between speed and payload. Good for time-lapse setups and vertical slider moves with medium to heavy payloads. Max. Speed: 4.0cm/s
    • 19:1 – Good for vertical slider moves with heavy loads. This motor has a slow maximum speed. Max. Speed: 1.5cm/s
  • Carbon Fiber Slider

    Starting at 429,99 
    Our compact and very light carbon fiber slider is available in 60cm and 100cm and is ideal for professional time-lapse and video recordings. The innovative motor quick release allows you to change the motor in seconds and is also very helpful to operate the slider without a motor. The Slider offers all around flexible mounting possibilities via various 1/4" and 3/8" threads and milled-in Arca-Swiss profiles on all sides.
  • This bracket attaches to the base of our carbon fiber slider and allows to mount to PINE Controller. The additional "Mounting Plate" is needed to attach the Controller.
  • Ball Head

    This leveling Ball Head tilts up to 15 degrees on all sides and can be mounted onto the base of the carbon fiber slider. It includes an Arca-Swiss clamp on the top which allows to easily mount and align a camera or our NT Head.
  • Macro Slider

    Our Macro Slider can be easily connected to our PINE controllers and allows for focus-stacking for macro-photography.
  • Compact 60cm / 100cm Carbon Fiber Slider