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Time-Lapse ModeTime-Lapse Mode


Capture what you would normally not see with your eyes!

Perfect for capturing sunsets, moving clouds, or construction processes.

How does it work?

Time-Lapse is a technique where many pictures are taken at a regular time-interval and then merged into a video sequence.
What appears to be nearly at rest in real time will translate into a fast motion when presented in a time-lapse video.
Be surprised how the world around you is changing!

PINE will create fully automated motion controlled time-lapse with multi-keyframe moves and with unlimited number of axis. After each captured picture, our motion controller will move the camera in one or more directions. What results is a perception of a 3-dimensional perspective as the camera moves along. This technique is also commonly called shoot-move-shoot.

Time-Lapse Mode Features

> Slave Mode – Utilizing the AUX input of PINE, you can use Time-Lapse in Slave Mode. Combine PINE with an external exposure ramping device like the VIEW by Timelapse+ and create motion controlled holy grail day-to-night and night-to-day time-lapse.

> Stop-Motion capabilities – an animation technique which will bring any object to life, as for example seen in the famous Lego movies. Alter your scene after each picture has been taken and proceed when you are ready.

> Motion Ramping – Creating ramped camera motions (slowly accelerating and decelerating) is especially tricky for motion controlled time-lapse videos. PINE will change the amount of movement for each shot in order to achieve this useful effect.

> Test Modes – Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a time-lapse and the realising it didn’t turn out the way you wanted when you check it at home. Use PINE’s Exposure Test, Interval Test, and Movement Test to verify everything is the way you like before wasting your time.