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Live ModeLive Mode


The perfect mode if you want to film events with multiple objects of importance.

Great for filming live events like music concerts or shows.

How does it work?

For some applications you want to have your camera pointed at different objects which could be located all over the place. With the help of motion controlled systems like sliders, pan & tilt heads, and motorized focus & zoom units, you can save multiple view perspectives (called scenes) with the PINE controller and then switch your camera viewpoint on the fly with a touch of a button.

Live Mode Features

> Naming Scenes – Give each saved scene a name in oder to help you remember which scene points to which object/location.

> Backgroud Images – Even more helpful to visualize where the saved scenes are pointing at. Take a picture with your smartphone camera or choose an existing one.

> Move Speeds – Specify for each scene how fast the move to the new perspective will happen.


Adding Scenes
Move your motors to the desired scene positions and click the “Add Scene” button. The current positions of the motors will be saved as a scene.

Add unlimited number of scenes!

Customizing Scenes
Long-clicking on the tiles allows you to set a scene description text, add background images, and influence the transition speed.

Recording Mode
Switch between your programmed scenes by clicking on the tiles.