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Intervalometer ModeIntervalometer Mode


A mode that makes PINE an all-in-one device.

PINE can be used with and without motors. Perfect if you need a simple and advanced Intervalometer.

How does it work?

Each PINE controller can trigger 2 cameras. With the PINE Motion App you have the functionality of a full-blown professional Intervalometer for creating static time-lapse videos.

This mode works perfect in a multitasking setup. When you are out in the field shooting a motion controlled time-lapse and you happen to have another camera ready, simply connect it to PINE and use the Intervalometer mode simultaneously to create another time-lapse.

Intervalometer Mode Features

> Multitasking – Use this mode in combination with any other mode of the PINE controller.

> Flexible Time Settings – Each time value can be adjusted in steps of 100ms (0.1 seconds). Most Intervalometer on the market only allow you to set whole second values.

> Perfect Accuracy – PINE outputs time signals with an accuracy of smaller than 0.1%.

> Adding Delays – Since you are able to trigger multiple cameras with PINE (especially when you connect multiple controllers), the PINE Motion App allows you to define delays between multiple cameras. This way you can have cameras triggered at different times. It’s as flexible as you need it to be.

> Exposure & Interval Ramping – Linearly adjusts the exposure and/or interval time to a new desired value over a specified time frame.


Setting Camera & Interval Times
Adjust camera exposures, delay times, interval times, and amount of pictures for each camera.

Start Capturing
Start triggering cameras separately or have multiple cameras triggered at the same time by selecting cameras and pressing the “Start Selection” button.

You can also visualize your time settings in a bar-graph.