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Giga-Pixel ModeGiga-Pixel Mode


Create stunning high-resolution panoramic Giga-Pixel photographs.

How does it work?

Giga-Pixel images are by definition images composed of a billion pixels. Such images contain enormous amounts of detail and are created from multiple high-resolution images (called mosaics), which were combined to one single Giga-Pixel image.

PINE will create these single images for you! All you need is a motorized Pan & Tilt Head and a camera.
Simply set the start position and end position of the Giga-Pixel, tell PINE your camera settings, and you are ready to go. What you get are mosaics of a high-resolution image – arranged in a matrix (rows & columns), ready for you to combine to a Giga-Pixel image in post-processing.

Giga-Pixel Mode Features

> Easy Setup – Just set your camera’s focal length, sensor size, and amount of image overlap and PINE will automatically calculate the right amount of images.

> Right-Left-Right Traversal – is the most common way of capturing the mosaics. Our motion controller will take images row after row.

> Diagonal Traversal – is a never-before-seen capturing method we developed for this mode. Mosaics are captured in a diagonal fashion beginning from the upper left to the lower right hand corner. The advantage of this method is that mosaics that lay close together are captured within a smaller time-frame compared to the Right-Left-Right traversal – resulting in a better images quality for scenes with a lot of motion.