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Astro ModeAstro Mode


Create the sharpest Astro-Photographes with PINE’s Astro Mode.

How does it work?

Capturing the night sky requires long camera exposure times. As the earth is rotating, stars or the moon will appear as small lines in the captured images if the exposure time is too long. With a motorized pan or tilt unit, the PINE controller can compensate the earth’s rotation and move your camera along with the stars, allowing you to take long exposure shots with sharp point-shaped stars in the image.

Astro Mode Features

> Sidereal Tracking – For tracking stars. Full compensation of earth’s rotation.

> 1/2 Sidereal Tracking – Compensates half of the speed of earth’s rotation. Use this if you track stars but still want objects in the image foreground to be sharp.

> Lunar Tracking – For tracking the moon.

> Solar Tracking – For tracking the sun.


Set Tracking Speeds
Choose whether you want to track stars, the moon, or the sun. Press the “Play” button to start tracking.