QCCP-Stick Camera


Power Supply for Cameras from a USB PowerBank

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The QCCP-Stick is the ideal solution to supply cameras with power for long-time recordings such as time-lapse or astro recordings.

The power supply of cameras is of great importance for all longer recordings. When working in the studio, during longer video recordings, but also especially when shooting time-lapses outdoors, the runtime of a normal camera battery is not sufficient, and a permanent mobile power supply is desired.

The QCCP-Stick uses special features of Quick Charge (QC3.0) capable USB Powerbanks and provides the required voltage of 8.2V for cameras with a dummy battery (not included). For dummy batteries that require 9V, the QCCP stick can be easily configured for both voltages.

Depending on the powerbank used, a lens heater can also be connected to the powerbank in addition to the QCCP-Stick. For powerbanks with greater power, 2 QCCP/QCP-Sticks can also be connected. This makes it possible to supply a camera as well as a motion controller with a mobile powerbank.

For indoor use, a QC3.0 compatible USB charger can be used instead of the powerbank.

The QCCP-Stick signals the status of the adapter via an LED. This LED is switched off after approx. 2 minutes of stable operation in order not to disturb especially during night shots.

The stick is equipped with a USB-A connector. To connect to a USB-C socket, a standard USB-OTG adapter (not included) is required.

The QCCP-Stick is equipped with a DC connector 5.5×2.1mm for the connection to the dummy battery. Many dummy batteries are equipped with the matching counterpart (socket 5.5×2.1mm). But there are also dummies with other sockets like 4.0×1.7mm. In this case, a corresponding adapter is required.


  • Temperature Range:                 -20 ° C – + 40 ° C
  • Input Voltage:                          5-12V via USB-A (QC3.0)
  • Output Voltage:                       8.2/9.0V via DC Plug 5.5×2.1mm
  • Output Current:                      2A
  • Dimensions:                             53x18x10mm   (LxWxH)
  • Cable Length:                           approx. 100 cm



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