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Safety Instructions

  • Before operating the device, make sure that you only use cables and accessories manufactured or recommended by us.
  • Never connect or disconnect a motor connection to the controller while it is in operation. Disconnect the power supply to the PINE Controller before connecting or disconnecting motors. Otherwise the motors or the controller as well as all connected devices may be damaged!
  • Never use the controller in humid or wet environments such as rain. Water and moisture entering the controller may destroy it, cause unexpected behavior, or cause personal injury from electric shock.
  • With the PINE Controller you can control stepper motors. These stepper motors can generate a very high force, especially if they are geared. It is your responsibility as a user to ensure that no persons are injured, or other damage is caused during operation.
  • Before the motors are connected to the PINE Controller, all motors should be mechanically brought into a position where they can move freely.
  • PINE has no sensors to detect the current position of the motors. It may happen that a motor is mechanically blocked (e.g. if it is overloaded or blocked) and does not continue to rotate. In this case, the stored positions no longer correspond to the current positions of the Motion Control. If a stored sequence is then played back, the movement can be completely different from the movement programmed by the user. In the worst case, this can lead to defects in the attached accessories, cables or even injuries.
  • If the device and the connected motors behave differently than expected, please disconnect the power supply at the PINE Controller immediately to stop the movement.
  • Do not reset the PINE controller into firmware update mode without intending to install a new firmware. The controller cannot be used in update mode until a new firmware has been installed.


The symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that our device complies with the Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and European Council of 27.01.2003 on the separate collection of electrical and electronic equipment.



By affixing the CE mark, we declare that our device, in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008, meets the applicable requirements laid down in the Community harmonization legislation on its affixing.

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