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PINE, PINE LITE and PINE R are the most universal and flexible motion controllers on the market.

PINE is a universal and smartphone-controlled device for motion-controlled photography and video applications. With PINE you can create automated camera movements, panoramic Giga-pixel and 360° photos, motion-controlled time-lapse, automated 3D photogrammetry scans and more.

Universal and flexible

PINE is widely compatible with existing hardware such as sliders, pan/tilt heads and focusing units. Control up to 4 axes and 2 cameras simultaneously with one controller. Corresponding adapter cables to third-party systems are available from Black Forest Motion.


The most convenient way to control your system. Simply use your smartphone or tablet and the PINE Motion App gives you access to the extensive functions of the PINE Controller.
Once you’ve set everything up, the PINE Controller ends its task even if the connection to the app is disconnected or your phone’s battery dies. The PINE Motion App is available for Android and iOS devices.

High-quality Connectors & Cables

PINE uses high quality, lockable Hirose connectors for a secure connection to the motors. The camera and power connections are equipped with industry standard connectors.

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