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3D-Photogrammetry Scanning


Create virtual 3D models of any object with our fully automated scanning application.

How does it work?

Taking several pictures of an object from all possible angles allows to create an interactive virtual 3D model of objects using Photogrammetry post-processing techniques.

For best result, you need a bit more equipment for this mode. Your target object will rotate on a turntable, while the camera is moving vertically along the object and tilting simultaneously to keep the object in the image center.

This way, PINE will fully automatically take individual images of your object from different angles which you can then process to a virtual model.

Our scanning solution does not include any software for photogrammetry post-processing or a suitable camera. The system is capable of autonomously capturing single images of an object from all possible angles with most basic DLSR and mirrorless cameras. The single images need to be processed with a capable photogrammetry software like Agisoft Photoscan or Reality Capture to generate a finished 3D model.


3D-Scan Mode Features

Set amount of pictures – By defining the pictures per turntable rotation and the number of vertical rows, you can influence the accuracy and amount of detail of the 3D model.

Fully synchronized – PINE will rotate your object, move your camera, and even trigger your camera. This way everything is synchronized and fully automated. All you have to do is process the single images in post-processing with a photogrammetry software.

Widely compatible with most Cameras – Our motion controller can trigger most DSLR and mirrorless cameras with a simple trigger release cable. If your cameras has a connection port for an external trigger device, you will be able to use it with our system.

Reverse Scan Feature – Option to start a scan with reversed movement directions at the end of a scan for an even faster workflow.

3D Photogrammetry Bundle

At Black Forest Motion we offer a motion bundle that is specifically designed for this 3D-Scan application.
It includes the PINE Motion Controller, Slider rail, Turntable Unit, Tilt unit, and all cabling needed.


App Preview

Intuitive user interface to adjust settings, move motors, and set Keyframes

Define the amount of pictures per turntable rotation

See the progress of your Scan